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Why Soft Wash

Do you have problems with unsightly Red/Green Algae, Lichen and Moss staining on your property? Many houses built in Ireland over the past 15 years where finished with coloured render which due to our wet climate has proven to be not very suitable. This is very evident in the amount of staining now visible on these houses. There is a simple solution to this growing problem and it is more affordable than you may think. Did you know Soft Washing was one of the fastest growing cleaning service's in the United States over the last 10 years. WindoWize Ireland can restore your property as near as possible to it's original state and provide continued protection from further staining.

Our Solution

Red/green algae, moss, fungi, lichen and mould can build up over time and not only leave your property looking unsightly but can also be dangerous and can be damaging. Soft washing involves the use of chemicals which are environmentally safe to you and your property and totally biodegradable. This process can take a little bit longer than traditional pressure washing to achieve but in the long term the results are far superior.

The Render of a Typical Algae Stained House

Before Soft Wash

This is the rear of a property before we applied our Soft Wash Solution.Scroll down to see how Soft Washing can transform the look of your home.

Why Use Our Soft Washing Solution

Below are just a few reasons to use our Soft Wash Solution.


The cost of Soft Washing is far more affordable than most people realise. It is much cheaper than the cost of repainting and looks better and lasts longer.


Ignoring red or green algae staining on your walls, render etc. will often lead to more expencive damage to the render over time. Soft Washing not only removes the staining but protects against further damage.


We are a Professional company with nearly 20 years experience and we where one of the first to offer Soft Wash solutions in Ireland over 10 years ago.


Soft Washing a badly stained render on a property can make a huge difference to the overall value to your home if you are planning to sell.


When applying our Soft Wash solution to your property we use the safest methods available. We are Fully Trained, Insured and only use approved HSE/HSA chemicals.


The results of Soft Washing to your home can often bring you a new sence of Pride where some may have had a feeling of embarrassment before. You will now be happy to show friends and family your house.

The Results on a Typical Algae Stained House

After Soft Wash

This is the result after the first day of Soft Washing. The final treatment we apply to the render continues to clean and protect for years to come.

Some Of Our Past Work

Check out some before and after pictures of our Soft Washing.

As well as Soft Washing we provide a wide range of pressure Washing solutions. We can pressure wash your driveway, pathways, decking etc. From the smallest driveway to large carparks we have the experience and solution for all your pressure washing needs. Ask for a Free No Obligation Quotation today.

Our Clients Love The Results, And We Think You Will, Too

We have had such great reviews from our customers over the years who have been so impressed by our Soft Wash Solutions. Don't just take our word for it, look at what our customers have to say.

  • Delighted with these guys and the service we received recently for the soft washing of the outside of our house!! Amazing job and would recommend!

  • We are absoulutely trilled with the work you did on our house, patio and front garden looks like brand new. Best decision ever contacting you. Thanks again.

  • Thank you so much for yesterday. Our house looks great thank you.

  • Thanks Seamus for another great job you have done to my home today. Really pleased with the results.

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